We are pleased to announce our first book, Bedtime Business Stories: Short Sagas of Business Creation, Success, and Failure.

The book is our response to many reader requests for our articles in book form.  It will be available for purchase next month, on Amazon and other book sources.  A great holiday gift for your family and friends of all ages!

We would love to put your comments on the Amazon site and possibly on the book’s back cover.  If you like our work and can write a sentence or two about what you like about or learn from it, please send it to us by replying to this email or emailing gary@americanbusinesshstory.org.

If we use your testimonial, we will send you a free copy of the book once it is published!

This book, with stories ranging from Allis-Chalmers to General Foods, from Carnegie Steel to Woodstock, represents another major expansion of our efforts to study and celebrate the history of American business.

In 2021, we began an annual high school essay contest, asking students to write up the story of a local business, with $7,500 in prizes.  The best essay submissions are on our website.

In the first ten months of 2021, our website traffic has been over four-and-a-half times the “eyeballs” we attracted in the same period of 2020.  For the full year 2021, we project that over 100,000 users will access the website.  The newsletter will also have been read about 100,000 times during 2021.

We also continue to get increasing media attention, through our appearances on the History Channel and in numerous online podcasts and interviews. 

If you enjoy our work and think it important, please consider making a donation to our efforts, so that we may continue to study and write about the saga of American Business.  Even $100 or $25 a month makes a big difference to us.

And thanks to Alexander Atkins, a great graphic designer, for contributing his talents to our effort by designing the beautiful cover for our book!

Thanks for your time and patronage,
Gary Hoover
Executive Director
American Business History Center

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