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Industry Specific History Sources



Department Stores:

Oil and Gas Industry:


For further research and information:

An excellent podcast series on the great battles of business:

Website with short biographies of many entrepreneurs through history:

This podcast series tells the stories behind familiar brand names.

This great site reprints excellent older company histories from the International Directory of Company Histories:

A great museum and library at the old DuPont works in Delaware:

Beard books List of Business Histories:

A list of industry museums in the United States:

Various historical data at this site:

The Society for Industrial Archeology:

The Society of American Archivists, Business Section:

The Economic and Business History Society:

The Business History Conference:

The Business and Finance Division of the Special Libraries Association:

Business History at Harvard, including the prestigious Business History Review:

Also at Harvard, the Lehman Brothers Collection:

Biographies at the American National Business Hall of Fame:

There are many similar state and local sites, including the Texas Business Hall of Fame:

Many company and industries histories and biographies of leaders can be found at such great local history sites as these, on Chicago and Texas:

A great publisher of local history books, including books on specific industries and companies, ranging from department stores and railroads to automobile and aviation companies:

The American Historical Association:

Other good sites to learn history:

The Society for Industrial Archaeology:

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