Dear business history friends,

It’s a wonderful thing to uncover a gem of a story, and it’s as great to be able to share it. Many of us have been part of, or witness to, a bit of business history. We have stories of innovations, stories of change for the better, stories worth telling.  We would love to put yours on our website.

We here today present one of those stories.

As Gary is currently out on the road in search of business history (1,000+ miles driven in Indiana and Illinois in the last week), we wish to present you his: The Bookstop Story. This one is truly a Gary Hoover original.

We hope you enjoy reading it (scroll down to get started)…..and hope it will inspire you to submit your own stories for others to learn from!

Dave Stanwick

Chairman, American Business History Center

p.s. If you are thinking about writing your story and have thoughts or questions, send an email to, we’d love to help you get started.

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