Dear friends of business history,

We need your stories and anecdotes about business to enhance our telling of history.  What companies have you worked for?  What was it like?  Did you work on any innovations or observe changes in the company or industry?  What did you learn?

The American Business History Center is pleased to add a new feature on our website, “Share Your History.

Business history consists of millions of real, human stories.  Most Americans have spent their working lives in business.  Whether working on an assembly line, making sales calls, typing data, or waiting on customers, we, our parents, and our grandparents have contributed to the history of industry and commerce.

We at the Center have already seeded the new page with five stories from our board members’ past, ranging from what it was like to work in finance and Wall Street in the 1970s to starting an innovative retail chain in the 1980s:

We’ve made it easy to submit your own stories for publication on our website – just click here!

We thank you in advance for sharing your own stories about business and life.

      Gary Hoover
      Executive Director
      American Business History Center

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